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Brokers and Agents

Here is Why Brokers and Agents
Love ClaimBender

  1. Strengthen client relationships through innovative risk management solutions.

  2. Gain a competitive edge in your workers' compensation sales arsenal.

  3. Leverage your client's risk management program for better insurance terms.

  4. Equip clients with the tools to proactively handle workplace injuries.

  5. Draw carriers to compete for your partnership with you and your client.

Gain and Retain. It is a simple mission, but it is getting harder every day.


The most successful brokers know they have to be more than just likable. They have to perform for their clients. They have to innovate. They have to be a champion for the client.

But that is tough because the workers' compensation insurance space has not changed in decades.

ClaimBender is a new risk management approach that your clients will love you for because it gives them control over their destiny. That's why they are business owners - to control their destiny.

Offering insurance is not enough. Every agency has a learning management system and off-the-shelf HR and risk management products. That stuff is boring but useful, yet it is still not enough.

With ClaimBender, you can make yourself a meaningful partner, a champion, and an innovator for business owners alone in the harsh, cruel world of workers comp. Insurance is the most expensive P&L item for many employers next to payroll and COGS. Give them the relief that they want.

Many carriers have adopted the ClaimBender model. Now you will have serious leverage to negotiate lower premiums for your clients. And serious tools to make them better and more profitable companies.

Those two things make you a formidable agent for gaining new clients and tremendously sticky to retain them.

Ask us how the business model works for every stakeholder - the client, the carrier, and you.

"The ClaimBender model makes me valuable to both the client and the carrier. ClaimBender gives my clients a level of expertise and sophistication once reserved for the best self-insured companies. Clients thank me every day for this amazing resource. It is my secret weapon for gaining new AORs"

- Broker/Agent

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