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Here is What Our Clients Love about our Model 

  1. Simple transition from paper to a digital safety program.

  2. Prevent injuries by measuring engagement in safety.

  3. A physician sees injured employees at the time of injury.

  4. Reduction in worker’s comp expense to its cheapest form.

  5. Great relationship with their insurance agent that delivers results.

ClaimBender is designed for insured employers.

Big companies have the resources for enterprise safety software and premium MD-led telephonic injury intervention.

Your insurance company may offer nurse triage, but the big companies know that MD's get better results. Your insurance company may also have a "learning management system," but they are not enough to engage the people that make everyday safety decisions - your frontline employees.


Small employers now have access to more relevant services specific to your industry.

ClaimBender created this one-of-a-kind, straightforward, and laser-focused service so that small employers can have the same programs as large employers for safety and workers comp - and get the same results as the big boys.

You don't have to just buy insurance anymore. There are smart agents and insurance products that bundle the best tools in workers comp to protect you from mitigatable risk and higher insurance premiums.

Ask us how you can get these services subsidized and integrated into your workers' comp insurance plan.

"My new broker introduced me to ClaimBender. That's why I went with him. ClaimBender gave me the tools to lower my risk, my losses, and my premiums. It is an amazing new service that makes sense. And I am a better leader and run a tighter ship because of it."

- Client

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