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Insurance Carriers

Here is What Carriers Leveraging ClaimBender
Love about Us

  1. Converting high-loss clients into high-profit clients.

  2. Underwrite based on engagement in safety by frontline employees.

  3. Make loss control a valued service by the client.

  4. Early claim legitimacy identification - even preditor claims.

  5. 30 minutes after the initial injury Case Report from MDs.

Lower Risk, lower losses, higher profits. The formula is simple. 

ClaimBender makes business sense to insurance carriers because they can now measure the leading indicators of risk for each client - frontline employee safety engagement and get them to the right provider first when an injury happens.

Insurance is a tough price competitive market. The time has come for the best-run forward-thinking carriers to be different and create new value for themselves and the employers they serve. Business owners are demanding more than just insurance. They want partners to help them reduce their risk and make them more profitable.

ClaimBender has not only created this one-of-kind service. It has created a business model that makes carriers and employers more profitable - even with high-loss clients. Now there is a way to make even the most challenging clients profitable and accountable.

Combined with the smartest most client-centric Brokers and Agents, Carriers that leverage ClaimBender optimize the risk, loss, and profit formula.

Ask us how ClaimBender can set you apart and be more profitable.

"Combining a Safety Engagement Platform, with MD Triage, creates new insight, accountability levers, and loss control techniques that give us an underwriting advantage for all prospects, including higher-risk accounts. Plus it makes us the first call for Brokers. ClaimBender is changing this industry. And it is long overdue."

- Carrier Partner
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