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Safety Engagement and
Telephonic MD Injury Intervention

These are the two most impactful and essential tools for insured employers to lower mod-rate, risk, and workers comp incurred costs.

Insured employers now have the same key services that large companies have to take care of their employees.

We get Serious Results that Help Businesses Prosper

Our Promise

We help businesses prosper. 

We do that by focusing on our clients' frontline employees because that is where safety decisions happen.

ClaimBender's workers' comp model is not new. Large employers have been using the same system for decades. But it is new to insured employers.

We promise to give employers and agents and carriers they work with the same sophisticated yet straightforward services that help big companies successfully manage their safety and workplace injuries.

The ClaimBender model is designed for all stakeholders - employers, employees, carriers, and agents


The Big Picture

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Integrating Safety (Injury Prevention) with Physician-led Injury Management (Lower Costs)

ClaimBender is bending the curve for these clients

ClaimBender serves as my automated safety director while providing a company physician to consult with my injured workers virtually day or night!

- American Civil

Like GPS monitoring for Auto exposure, now we can monitor engagement in safety by employees in real time!

- Papa Johns Franchisor

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